Rice University

Brides and Other Clients

Thank you for choosing Rice University as your portrait photography location. We are delighted to be a part of your special day. May all your portraits be perfection!

Choosing a Photographer

Only photographers and photo studios that have registered with Rice University are eligible to photograph clients on campus. As a service to you, we have compiled a list of all currently registered photographers and photo studios . If you have not yet selected a photographer we hope that this list will serve as a helpful resource to you. If you have already selected a photographer for your special occasion and she or he is not on this list, please encourage him or her to visit this website and register with Rice University.


How to Set Up a Photography Reservation

A confirmed reservation is needed for each 1 hour photo session on the Rice University campus. Your registered photographer can make a reservation for you using the online reservation system on this website.


Photography Guidelines

All photographers and clients must abide by Rice University's bridal and portrait photography guidlines . 
Please take a moment to review these guidelines.



Photographers must pay a $50 annual registration fee to photograph clients at Rice University. This fee allows photographers to schedule photography appointments at Rice University for one calendar year. A separate reservation fee of $50 is also charged for each confirmed reservation.


Photography Locations

Bridal and portrait photography is only permitted in the following locations: the exterior cloisters of Lovett Hall, Sewall Hall, and Herzstein Hall; the Academic Quadrangle lawn; Founder's Court; and the walking paths along Entrance 1 road.

View Photos of Bridal & Portrait Photography Areas

For an online map of Rice university, please visit www.rice.edu/maps.


Dressing Policy

Regrettably, we are unable to allow the use of University restrooms for dressing and other portrait preparation.

Changing in the hallways, classrooms, and offices of campus buildings or outside on lawns or walkways is likewise prohibited; therefore it is necessary for all brides to be fully prepared for their portrait session before they arrive at the campus.