Rice University

Bridal & Portrait Photography Area

Notification: From November 6, 2023, to April 2024, the Academic Quadrangle and the lawns around Lovett, Sewall, and Herzstein Buildings will undergo renovations. Fencing will be erected around these areas for safety. Some regular photography spots may be obstructed during this period, but we have identified alternative photography locations for your convenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we improve our campus. For details on the new photography areas, refer to the attached map or contact our team via email at welcome@rice.edu.

The following areas are designated bridal and portrait photography locations. You may only photograph at these outdoor locations.

Academic Quadrangle: Lovett Hall, right; Herzstein Hall, left

Lovett Hall Cloisters

Outer Face of Lovett Hall

Sewall Hall Cloisters

Founder's Court and Lovett Hall


Herzstein Hall Cloisters