Rice University

Portrait Photography at Rice University

Welcome, and thanks for your interest in photography at Rice University. 

Hundreds of couples and individuals schedule bridal, engagement, maternity, senior pictures, quinceañera, prom, and other professional portrait photo sessions on our campus every year. Rice is proud to be a part of these special memories for many of our Houston neighbors.

Notification: Beginning in November of 2023, and continuing through the summer of 2024, the Academic Quadrangle and the lawns around Lovett Hall, Sewall Hall, and Herzstein Hall will undergo renovations. During this time, fencing will be erected around these areas for safety. Some regular photography locations in these areas will be partially impacted during this period, but we have added alternative photo sites to our list of standard portrait locations for your convenience. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we improve our campus. 

To ensure that the daily business activities of the university do not interfere with portrait shoot reservations, and vice versa, Rice has established a two-step system for photographer registration and photo session reservations:

1. Professional portrait photographers must first register (this places them on a list of approved campus photographers for one year). The annual registration fee is $50, which puts you on our approved list and gives you access to the reservation calendar.  

2. Registered photographers may then visit our photo shoot registration calendar to schedule one-hour portrait reservation sessions for their clients. Each one-hour session costs $50. This step will provide you with a permit reserving your space. 

As a reminder, registered portrait photographers agree to follow campus portrait photography guidelines. For permission to photograph anywhere other than standard portrait photography locations, or for other photography-related questions, please email welcome@rice.edu. Please do not telephone the Welcome Center to ask questions about photography, request photo shoot reservation changes, etc.; instead, please read the campus photography guidelines and then, if you still have questions, email welcome@rice.edu.

Thanks for your interest in photography at Rice.  We hope to welcome you to the campus soon.


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